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Antons Product Catalogue - Glass & Acrylic, Foamboard, Accessories (Mar 2018)

Antons stocks a huge variety of hardware for your picture framing and picture hanging needs no matter what your customer's style or budget is. Find everything you need to clean, secure and hang frames, canvas, decorative plates, and so much more in our extensive range of picture framing accessories. Click image above to download or click here to browse Antons Accessories Catalogue now.

Antons Moulding Catalogue (Aug 2017)
Antons designers travel the world in search of the latest design directions in picture framing. It's this commitment to design and innovation, and our pride in superior craftsmanship and quality that underpins our world-class range of moulding. Click image above to download or click here to browse Antons Moulding Catalogue now.

Antons Machinery Catalogue (Aug 2017)
Antons are proud to distribute world class machinery from Alfamacchine, Valiani, Fletcher, Morso, Brevetti Motta, Carba-Tec and Speedvac to suit the different needs of our custom framers. Click image above to download or click here to browse Antons Machinery Catalogue now

Crescent Colours That Win (July 2017)
Antons knows the skill required to custom frame sports memorabilia and to separate you from your competition. That’s why we filled this book with the best colours needed to match Crescent® Select™ matboard colours to your customer’s favourite sports team. Click image above to download or click here to browse Colours That Win now.

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