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Antons offer leasing options on a range of machinery, including Alfamacchine, Fletcher Terry, Morso, Brevetti and Valiani via Centrepoint Finance, one of Australia's largest commercial finance brokers. Centrepoint’s success is firmly built on personalised service and a reputation for providing clients with individually tailored financial packages.  

centrepoint finance will:


  • Work with you to understand your plans and tailor finance to suit your individual business needs.
  • Be available to answer any financing questions, visit you on-site and maintain regular contact to ensure your needs are met.
  •  Keep you informed of changes within the finance industry and government legislation when necessary, to ensure you have a comprehensive and informed choice of finance options.
  • Provide a broad range of services with an on-going commitment to innovation and the development of new products that will meet your changing needs.

 Some of the benefits of leasing Antons’ machinery, for your business include:

flexible repayments

By choosing a suitable payment frequency you can easily tailor payments to your cash flow and budget. Options such as payment deferrals allow you to defer payments for equipment until it is operational and generating a return for your business.

access the latest technology

Outdated equipment can hamper your productivity. You can protect against the risk of obsolescence and improve efficiency by upgrading and replacing old equipment with the latest models and maintain your competitiveness. Financing is an effective way of acquiring new replacement or additional assets.  

balance payments with benefits

Competitive interest rates and monthly payments allow you to spread the initial cost over the life of the machine and balance payments with benefits. 

hedge against inflation

Repayments are fixed and, unlike other expenses such as salaries or utilities, do not increase over time. This allows more accurate profit and cash flow planning and helps protect you against inflation.

taxation benefits

In most cases, financing will allow for the payment or interest portion to be tax deductible, conserve cash and preserve existing credit lines.

Conserve cash and preserve existing credit lines

By financing up to 100% of the cost of your equipment you can conserve working capital and manage existing lines of credit for more strategic business activities.